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We're locally-owned.

Wide range of vehicle services:

  • Transfer of ownership of new and used vehicles (private sales, inherited, etc.)

  • Replacements and renewals of vehicle registrations 

  • Change of address requests

  • Change of name (marriage, divorce, court order, etc.)

Motor vehicle


Make sure your car, truck, or SUV's paperwork is in order and your tags are current so you can drive without fear of a fine or ticket.


Vehicle registration

Title transfers and


Whether a vehicle was passed to you in a will or you are purchasing it, you want to

be sure that the title is in

your name.


Title services

Driver's license


From CDL's, ID's and driver's licenses renewals or

replacements stop by Jenks Tag Agency for fast printing of your driver's license.


Licenses and more

Don't waste time

Come see the friendly staff at the Jenks Tag Agency for all your vehicle needs

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